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My interview with Denise Patnode

I’ve just finished my interview with Denise Patnode.  As an HR manager with a large manufacturing company here in Ocala she is uniquely qualified to talk about what HR is looking for when it comes to hiring.  Hear the interview here.

A few of the take-aways:

(1)  Your resume must showcase your knowledge, skills and abilities.  Remember to include current contact information and your education.

(2)  Be sure you run spell-check andf have someone else check it also.  She  said managers will put you immediately in the “No” stack if you have misspellings.  Everyone knows competition for employment is fierce.  Don’t eliminate yourself from the interview before you get one.  Check your spelling.

(3)  Employers are looking for longevity on past employment.  Be prepared to explain the circumstances if you’ve job hopped.

(4)  Getting through the door is tougher now.  Systems have been established to “streamline” the process of hiring (And I’ve no doubt to avoid litigation).  According to Denise your biggest challenge is getting your information out.  My short plug for Linkedin earlier in the show  helps you do that (And don’t forget to get out there in your community – church, your local trade association, Ruritan, Rotary, Lions, Jaycees, etc). 

A great interview – our thanks again to Denise for coming on the show.

Remember, the show won’t be back until the first week in December, but the blog will continue.

Veterans Day is upon us.  Thank the closest man or women who’s served to keep our country safe and the wolf away from the door.

And, finally, for all you leathernecks out there, a Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.  From a proud graduate of platoon 351, Sep 9, 1973 at Parris Island – SEMPER FI! 

Staff Sergeants, Burkamp, Brown, Enos and Sergeant Dahling – for helping make me the man I am today – thank you.

See you all next week.

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