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My interview with Beth Ramsay

Great conversaton with Beth.  My thanks to her for taking the time to visit with me – standing in the middle of a field full of horses, no less!  Hear the interview here.

As always, we include some take-aways from the show.  Some of Beth’s pearls include:

(1)  Marketing your brand is a lot like fishing.  When you’re trying to land a customer they first have to notice you.  Your message is the line, the bait is your attention-getter.  That attention-getter has to cut through the clutter of web, TV, radio and print advertising to get your market to notice you.  Offer them something new, fresh, edgy or different.

(2)  Know your market.  Know your potential customer, not just the demographics.  Beth describes her ideal customer as a woman of 40, married or divorced, who owns 2 dogs and maybe a cat and likes to come home, put her feet up and have a glass of wine.  She likes her job, but isn’t married to it, and enjoys going out with the girls.  How is that for a customer description?

You’ll save valuable marketing time and money by knowing who your customer is and identifying him or her now.  Target your marketi using a rifle, not a shotgun.

Finally, take few minutes and visit the  Mean Women Suck website.  Not only is there a lot of information there about dealing with mean women, but Beth is now offering her free personalitywebinars for women (yes, men you can attend, too).  You can contact Beth through the website.

My thanks, again, to Beth for coming on the show.  I look forward to having her back again.

Next week we have Denise Patnode, an HR Manqger here in Ocala who will give us her perspective on personal branding .  I’ll have more posted later this week here at the blog and on the Facebook page.  I hope you’ll tune in.

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