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Zig Ziglar dead at 86

November 28, 2012 Leave a comment

A sad day for all of us in direct sales, professional speaking and business in general. A giant in the professional speaking arena, Zig Ziglar, died today after a short bout with pneumonia. Read the story here.

He was the first motivational speaker I ever heard.  His style was authentic, his connection with an audience real.  He spoke as if he were speaking to you individually.  He may be imitated, but never replaced.

You did good work while you were here Zig.  I appreciate the honesty, the kind words and the wisdom you brought to us all.  Rest well.




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Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!  As the holiday season begins let us stop to remember just how good we have it.  No doubt we’ve all had rough patches during the year, and many of us still are dealing with challenges.  But take a few moments to reflect on your blessings. 

Things are never as bad as they seem and opportunities abound if we only take the time to look.

Please also take the time to remember those serving us locally and abroad  Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines all volunteered so that others didn’t have to.  Remember them and their families in your prayers.

Have a great and safe holiday.


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Time and Foundation – it takes both

November 17, 2012 Leave a comment

The other day a friend of mine made the observation that he remembered being a boy and thinking that the school year would take FOREVER to end.  Today, as he looks back, it seems time has sped up.  He said, “I was just 10 years old yesterday.”  Today, though, he is 39.

Time has, indeed, sped up.  Gone are the days of carefree living, no responsibilities and not having to earn your way.  Time took a long time because we didn’t have meetings, customers, deadlines, children, spouses, etc making demands on our time.  Today we can look up and realize some or most of our life is gone, seemingly in the blink of an eye.

What my friend didn’t observe was, that while he was in school, he was developing his brain, learning to get along with others, and giving himself a foundation on which to later build his life.  He was learning to meet deadlines, accomplish assignments, and the value and necessity of a good work ethic.

Developing your brand, your career or your business is no different.  In the beginning it seems like it takes FOREVER to get established and known. 

Think of it like putting up a large building.  You drive past construction projects every day.  In the beginning it looks like nothing is happening.  You may see some movement as the large machines push dirt this way and that, but you don’t really notice any progress.

Then one day you realize how far the project has come. It suddenly appears as if the project is moving at lightning pace.  Floors may go up one a day.  But none of this seemed possible just a few short weeks or months ago.

Establishing your brand, buseinss or career is no different.  In the beginning it takes time. 

Right now you may be scrounging for work or sales.  You may have few contacts or a very small network.  You may have little or no visibility in the marketplace. You’re in the foundation stage of your building project.

Concentrate on the quality of your work.  Get involved with your community to give something back.  Get involved with your industry asosciation to help move your industry forward.  As you get involved your network will grow, your visibility will increase and you’ll be in position to know about opportunities you might not know about otherwise.

Most of all, no matter how you choose to tackle your building project, do it and don’t quit.

And don’t worry about the time it takes.  All businesses go through the building phase- you’re no different.  Take time to build your foundation.

My interview with Denise Patnode

November 10, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve just finished my interview with Denise Patnode.  As an HR manager with a large manufacturing company here in Ocala she is uniquely qualified to talk about what HR is looking for when it comes to hiring.  Hear the interview here.

A few of the take-aways:

(1)  Your resume must showcase your knowledge, skills and abilities.  Remember to include current contact information and your education.

(2)  Be sure you run spell-check andf have someone else check it also.  She  said managers will put you immediately in the “No” stack if you have misspellings.  Everyone knows competition for employment is fierce.  Don’t eliminate yourself from the interview before you get one.  Check your spelling.

(3)  Employers are looking for longevity on past employment.  Be prepared to explain the circumstances if you’ve job hopped.

(4)  Getting through the door is tougher now.  Systems have been established to “streamline” the process of hiring (And I’ve no doubt to avoid litigation).  According to Denise your biggest challenge is getting your information out.  My short plug for Linkedin earlier in the show  helps you do that (And don’t forget to get out there in your community – church, your local trade association, Ruritan, Rotary, Lions, Jaycees, etc). 

A great interview – our thanks again to Denise for coming on the show.

Remember, the show won’t be back until the first week in December, but the blog will continue.

Veterans Day is upon us.  Thank the closest man or women who’s served to keep our country safe and the wolf away from the door.

And, finally, for all you leathernecks out there, a Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.  From a proud graduate of platoon 351, Sep 9, 1973 at Parris Island – SEMPER FI! 

Staff Sergeants, Burkamp, Brown, Enos and Sergeant Dahling – for helping make me the man I am today – thank you.

See you all next week.

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My interview with Beth Ramsay

November 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Great conversaton with Beth.  My thanks to her for taking the time to visit with me – standing in the middle of a field full of horses, no less!  Hear the interview here.

As always, we include some take-aways from the show.  Some of Beth’s pearls include:

(1)  Marketing your brand is a lot like fishing.  When you’re trying to land a customer they first have to notice you.  Your message is the line, the bait is your attention-getter.  That attention-getter has to cut through the clutter of web, TV, radio and print advertising to get your market to notice you.  Offer them something new, fresh, edgy or different.

(2)  Know your market.  Know your potential customer, not just the demographics.  Beth describes her ideal customer as a woman of 40, married or divorced, who owns 2 dogs and maybe a cat and likes to come home, put her feet up and have a glass of wine.  She likes her job, but isn’t married to it, and enjoys going out with the girls.  How is that for a customer description?

You’ll save valuable marketing time and money by knowing who your customer is and identifying him or her now.  Target your marketi using a rifle, not a shotgun.

Finally, take few minutes and visit the  Mean Women Suck website.  Not only is there a lot of information there about dealing with mean women, but Beth is now offering her free personalitywebinars for women (yes, men you can attend, too).  You can contact Beth through the website.

My thanks, again, to Beth for coming on the show.  I look forward to having her back again.

Next week we have Denise Patnode, an HR Manqger here in Ocala who will give us her perspective on personal branding .  I’ll have more posted later this week here at the blog and on the Facebook page.  I hope you’ll tune in.

‘Mean Women Suck’ founder, Beth Ramsey!

November 2, 2012 Leave a comment
Our guest this Saturday, Novermber 3, 2012 is Beth Ramsey, founder of Mean Women Suck.  How to go from shame to savvy. For over 20 years she’s dedicated herself to sharing empowering skills for women that profoundly and positively impact personal and work life.
Her company name alone should be enough to get you to tune in, but just in case it isn’t, here’s just some of her other qualifications:
*  Certified Practitioner:  MBTI – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
*  Creator and facilitator of the awesome 3 1/2 day “Harness the Power Within” Empowerment Retreat for Women, complete with human instructors, as well as teachers of the horse kind!
*  Beth wrote a column called “Relationship Savvy” for several years for a NYTimes Business Journal, focusing on excelling in leadership and communication, as well as finding the funny in life.
Tune in tomorrow, 9:00am EDST at Blog Talk Radio.  I am truly looking forward to hearing what she has to say about her brand and her marketing.  Get yourself a cup of coffe and join us.  I look forward to you listening in.

Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do?

November 2, 2012 Leave a comment

The above headlines an article published by The Wall Street Journal Online on October 29.  It was written by Dr. Alexandra Samuel.  Read the article here.

I talk about taking control of your personal brand, but there are pitfalls when the brand being established is either the result of, or the perceived result of, employment.

An employee may very well establish a brand while employed that affects both the employer and the employee.  They may exist in concert with each other, but they could result in conflict.

This article goes over some of the pitfalls you may expect as you go about building your brand or hiring someone who already has one.

An excellent article and worth the read.

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