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AuctionFlex owner Brandon Harker

An excellent show today with Brandon Harker, owner and founder of AuctionFlex, an auction software company.  It was marred only slightly due to technical and pollen difficulties.  Brandon braved those issues and gave us his view on branding and the marketing of a brand.  Hear the interview here.

Just some of my takeaways:

(1)  For young people starting out:  take the time to clean up your social media sites, especially Facebook.  Employers are looking at you as a young professional, not a college student.  Pictures of your active participation in the frat or sorority keg parties should, at least, be privatized – removed, if necessary.  Remember the employer is looking at you with different eyes.

Employers are also looking for someone who is not just getting the piece of paper.  Writing a blog and doing extra work that gives you greater exposure within your field, not only shows you have a genuine interest in your field, but shows initiative.  That helps sets you apart from the pack of graduates hitting the job force all at once.  Brandon says that’s one of the things he’s  looking for when he’s hiring.  You can bet other employers do as well.

(2)  For the veterans out there – remember that passion pays.  If you’re trying to re-invent or improve your brand nothing succeeds like passion.  You want to be known as someone who enjoys what they’re doing.  It shows.

Brandon believes people who only work for the money, the bonus or the next evaluation make the worst employees (my personal opinion is they make lousy businesspeople, too).

(3)  Finally, Brandon sat down and thought seriously about where he wanted to take his company.  He mentioned the monster spreadsheets he worked on trying to detail where his business was and how it would get where he wanted it to go.    He tried to think of everything and did a lot of “what ifs.”

Spend some time seriously thinking about where you want to go and  detailing what it will take to get there.  As H.L Hunt once said, “First, figure out exactly what you want.  Most people never do that.”

Brandon did that and has created a very successful company with a very successful brand.  We should all strive to do the same.

My thanks to Brandon for being a guest on You’re In The Spotlight radio.  We learned a lot, had a great conversation and had a good time.  What more could we ask (except to have his Florida ‘Gators, win today against Georgia)?

That’s all for this week all. Our next show is especially for the ladies.  Tune in next week when our guest will be Beth Ramsay, speaker, author and owner of the website “Mean Women Suck.” 

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