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My interview with Greg Wise

My first guest on You’re in the Spotlight radio!

Greg Wise has spent over 35 years in marketing and advertising, primarily for the real estate industry.  He joined us this morning to give us his take on personal marketing.  Hear the full interview here. 

In addition to his professional credentials he is also a photographer, graphic designer and artist.

We talked about many things and here is just a sampling:

     (1)  Listening to our marketplace is paramount.  The more you listen, the more you are in tune with what people want.  You’re then able to deliver what they are looking for.  Greg said he doesn’t really talk in meetings.  He listens, takes notes, then delivers.  It makes perfect sense since you can’t listen if you’re talking.

     (2)  Understand that branding takes time.  Greg brought up the band working the nightclub and bar scene before they made it big and got the recording contract.  You may first have to pay your dues and put the time in to develop your brand.

     (3)  Be known for something.  Clint Black wears a black cowboy hat in every appearance.  Johnny Cash was the man in black for most of his career.  IBM was known for the 3-piece blue suit. You may not be able to dress a certain way, but is there something you can do that sets you apart from the pack?  Something that plays to your strenth and is memorable?  Find that thing and accentuate it.

We had a great time and I’d like to thank Greg again for joining me.  I hope to have him on the show again.

On a fun note, he has a new book being released in December 2012.  It’s a series of original golf cartoons told from the point of view of the golf ball.  It is aptly named “If You Could See You From Here.”  I’ve seen some of the renderings and I’m sure it will be a big hit.  If you’re a duffer, the book should be on your shelf.  We wish him much success.

Don’t forget to tune in next week when our guest will be Brandon Harker, founder and owner of AuctionFlex, an auction software company serving the online auction industry. 

See you then….

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