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With a Side of Social Media

October 28, 2012 Leave a comment

This blogger’s recent article echoes a point made by Brandon Harker, my guest on yesterday’s show.  Read the article.

This young woman will be graduating from college soon and makes the point that your online profile needs to be clean and professional.  Good advice.

It’s okay to be “out there.”  Just remember your online presence may leave an impression you can’t get away from.  Don’t tarnish your brand before you even get started.  Begin the clean-up now.  You don’t want to ace the interview then lose the job because of something embarrasing posted on one of your SM sites. 

Great article, good advice.

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AuctionFlex owner Brandon Harker

October 27, 2012 Leave a comment

An excellent show today with Brandon Harker, owner and founder of AuctionFlex, an auction software company.  It was marred only slightly due to technical and pollen difficulties.  Brandon braved those issues and gave us his view on branding and the marketing of a brand.  Hear the interview here.

Just some of my takeaways:

(1)  For young people starting out:  take the time to clean up your social media sites, especially Facebook.  Employers are looking at you as a young professional, not a college student.  Pictures of your active participation in the frat or sorority keg parties should, at least, be privatized – removed, if necessary.  Remember the employer is looking at you with different eyes.

Employers are also looking for someone who is not just getting the piece of paper.  Writing a blog and doing extra work that gives you greater exposure within your field, not only shows you have a genuine interest in your field, but shows initiative.  That helps sets you apart from the pack of graduates hitting the job force all at once.  Brandon says that’s one of the things he’s  looking for when he’s hiring.  You can bet other employers do as well.

(2)  For the veterans out there – remember that passion pays.  If you’re trying to re-invent or improve your brand nothing succeeds like passion.  You want to be known as someone who enjoys what they’re doing.  It shows.

Brandon believes people who only work for the money, the bonus or the next evaluation make the worst employees (my personal opinion is they make lousy businesspeople, too).

(3)  Finally, Brandon sat down and thought seriously about where he wanted to take his company.  He mentioned the monster spreadsheets he worked on trying to detail where his business was and how it would get where he wanted it to go.    He tried to think of everything and did a lot of “what ifs.”

Spend some time seriously thinking about where you want to go and  detailing what it will take to get there.  As H.L Hunt once said, “First, figure out exactly what you want.  Most people never do that.”

Brandon did that and has created a very successful company with a very successful brand.  We should all strive to do the same.

My thanks to Brandon for being a guest on You’re In The Spotlight radio.  We learned a lot, had a great conversation and had a good time.  What more could we ask (except to have his Florida ‘Gators, win today against Georgia)?

That’s all for this week all. Our next show is especially for the ladies.  Tune in next week when our guest will be Beth Ramsay, speaker, author and owner of the website “Mean Women Suck.” 

My interview with Greg Wise

October 20, 2012 Leave a comment

My first guest on You’re in the Spotlight radio!

Greg Wise has spent over 35 years in marketing and advertising, primarily for the real estate industry.  He joined us this morning to give us his take on personal marketing.  Hear the full interview here. 

In addition to his professional credentials he is also a photographer, graphic designer and artist.

We talked about many things and here is just a sampling:

     (1)  Listening to our marketplace is paramount.  The more you listen, the more you are in tune with what people want.  You’re then able to deliver what they are looking for.  Greg said he doesn’t really talk in meetings.  He listens, takes notes, then delivers.  It makes perfect sense since you can’t listen if you’re talking.

     (2)  Understand that branding takes time.  Greg brought up the band working the nightclub and bar scene before they made it big and got the recording contract.  You may first have to pay your dues and put the time in to develop your brand.

     (3)  Be known for something.  Clint Black wears a black cowboy hat in every appearance.  Johnny Cash was the man in black for most of his career.  IBM was known for the 3-piece blue suit. You may not be able to dress a certain way, but is there something you can do that sets you apart from the pack?  Something that plays to your strenth and is memorable?  Find that thing and accentuate it.

We had a great time and I’d like to thank Greg again for joining me.  I hope to have him on the show again.

On a fun note, he has a new book being released in December 2012.  It’s a series of original golf cartoons told from the point of view of the golf ball.  It is aptly named “If You Could See You From Here.”  I’ve seen some of the renderings and I’m sure it will be a big hit.  If you’re a duffer, the book should be on your shelf.  We wish him much success.

Don’t forget to tune in next week when our guest will be Brandon Harker, founder and owner of AuctionFlex, an auction software company serving the online auction industry. 

See you then….

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Our first show

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Well, the first show of You’re In The Spotlight Radio has been archived (Do they still say “it’s in the can?”).  Hear the first episode here.

It did not go as well as I would have liked.  But, here is what I learned:

First, it’s different talking to a computer screen.  As a speaker, I’m accustomed to the interaction of an audience, being able to adjust my tempo, pitch and delivery as needed.  None of that with my monitor.  You feel very much like you’re talking to yourself, instead of the audience.

Second, I am suprised how nervous I was.  I’m an experienced speaker, but felt like a fish out of water – and it showed.  I missed some of my main points and transitions and finished early.  I’m sure (hoping) that’s a problem for many newcomers.  New medium, new mistakes.  As we get out of our own comfort zone the show, and I, will get better.

Finally, I learned the value of having a guest.  I’m impressed how some radio talk show hosts can talk for an hour or more (by themselves)  and I had trouble with just 15 minutes, of which I only did 9.5.  For my test show, I interviewed a friend of mine and the show went very well.  It’s good to have someone to bounce ideas off of and be able to help carry the conversation.

Lessons learned.  And like anything else we do, it’s about practice and experience.

As Charles Osgood always says, “We’ll see you on the radio.”

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I know, I know…

I know, I know. Another post on public speaking. But this time it’s not me. It’s Anne Miller whose article appears in Marketing Today.

You can read the article yourself.  Just remember, the quickest way to get someone to buy into  you, your product or your idea is to interweave emotion and facts together.   I’ll let Anne tell the rest…

Read the article here.

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Something new!

You’re in the Spotlight in now on Blog Talk Radio (  The introductory show is Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 9:00 am EST  The first show will be 15 minutes, but going forward the show ill be in a 30 minute format.  Tune in each week as we bring you business professionals talking about branding, sales, marketing, and self promotion.  Not able to make it Saturday at 9:00?  Don’t worry – the show will be archived

This will not replace the blog, but will certainly enhance our ability to give you ideas and a place to discuss your challenges and successes.

Each week we will let you know who is coming on both our Facebook fan page and here at the blog.  Take some time, get a cup of coffee, and set your computer.  Then relax and spend a little time with me and my guests here at You’re in the Spotlight on Blog Talk Radio.  See you there!

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