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I want my books

Lately, I done a lot of reading.

I’ve bought and collected many books over the years from bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Amazon – you’re welcome.  Borders, I’m sorry I couldn’t save you…I liked you best), used bookstores and even  library used book sales.

Eighty percent of the library is on business and public speaking.  The balance on gardening, farming, hydroponics and raising livestock (my retirement plan).

There’s a lot of wisdom in those old books and I use them for reference when preparing presentations.  My dilemma, nay my addiction, is keeping them.

You can’t beat timeless quotes, lessons learned and stories of success and failure.  They’re great reads and they beat hands-down the fiction that is written today.  The problem is space.

I believe in technology.  I do.  I love all the things computers and smartphones can do.  I love Facebook (though not a big user), Linkedin, and Twitter.  I love the fact that you can update one and it updates the other two automatically.  I love almost everything e-whatever.

Except e-readers.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do like them.  There’s just something missing when I hold one of them in my hand and try to relax and read.  It’s just not, well, normal.

I love my books.  They’re warm, comfortable to touch, highlighted to death in some cases and were the original wireless reader.  They’ve traveled with me, kept me company during long nights when I was in the service, taught me many things and, yes, look good on my bookshelves.  They’re representative of my personal library.

I don’t get the same feeling when it comes to e-readers.  There’s just something sterile about having your whole library in a 9″x12″ space.  But, that brings us back to space.  Space I don’t have and a wife who is really pushing me to downsize.

It’s an argument I’m afraid I’m going to lose.

In the meantime, I’m going to go re-read some of my old friends because I will have to decide which to keep, which to get rid of and which to put on a new e-reader.

Lord, I’m going to miss my books…..

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